Polished concrete floors have a high gloss, mirror-like reflection that creates a luxurous unique finish. You have endless color options and reflective qualities of the floor that can be controlled by the use of different polishing pads.

Simply put, polished concrete is comparable to sanding wood. Industrial polishing machines configured with finer grits of diamond segments are used to grind down the surface to the desired sheen and smoothness.

Commercial buildings with large square footage usually range from $3-$7 sq ft, while residential settings typically cost $6-$12 considering the difficulty and variables that correlate with homes.

  • Cost savings: The usual cost of the flooring material is immediately discarded
  • Longer life-cycle savings: The durability far exceeds all other floor coverings and never has to be replaced
  • Easy to clean: Dust, debris and dirt are easily removed, only needing annual maintenance in high traffic areas.
  • Available in a vast variety of colors & designs

Resistant to moisture transmission issues: Polished concrete allows the floor to breathe eliminating issues that can arise with other flooring that seal off the concrete.

Higher light reflectivity: Important for offices, hotels, restaurants, and public areas that need bright, professional clean presence. Saves energy and money by lowering artificial lighting needs.